Ward Karting Clutches!
Ward Karting Supply is the manufacturer of the Revolution and the all new Evolution line of clutches, as well as components for all other disk clutches. Readily available replacement parts for virtually any disk clutch on the market. Rebuilds are also a specialty at WKS. Ask your local dealer about having us do your next rebuild.

Evolution Clutch:

The new Evolution clutch was designed and produced with the
karter in mind, we noticed a need for a lower priced clutch that also suit the needs of any racer at any level.

The Evolution is a hard hitting 2 disk clutch, so you wont be left behind on the starts and restarts.

The Evolution is suited for karts from, restricted clones to stock class
animal's and everywhere in between

2 Disks for durability at an affordable price.

For Small to Large Horsepower Engines.

Hard Hitting, for those fast starts.

Absolutely the best bang for the buck.
The Evolution the most affordable clutch on the market for all engine types!

Revolution Clutch:

It was our goal to bring the karter a Performance clutch that could
be used in classes ranging from Purple Plate to adult Super Heavy
with no modification. A clutch that the owner, not some "clutch guru", could setup, maintain, and rebuild. Extreme simplicity, low maintenance, easy adjustment were essential to its design.
The result was a clutch that was about an inch smaller in diameter
and a pound lighter than the competition.

2.75" diameter friction disk -smallest in the industry!

1.6 lbs.-Lightest in the industry.

Fully CNC machined components.

Proprietary friction compound.

The original "smallest" clutch!

WKS Clutches, Precision Workmanship:
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