Ward Karting Racing Chassis:
When Mike Ward decided to build the original chassis from WKS, his requirements were not only to build a competitive chassis, but also to advanced the quality and workmanship as well as the process of the way chassis were being built.

From his first chassis to the latest model the all new Helix racing chassis, he has consistantly improved each chassis design and continues to build one of the most competitive and advanced chassis designs available today.

WKS is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to trying new things when designing their chassis. WKS doesn't build chassis for one type of racing or horsepower requirements, instead we design our chassis to work and be fast for all our racers, from Jr. racers to Open class competitors. This try something different approach is evident when looking at our currently available chassis!

The difference is obvious:
Take a close look at the fit and finish of our component and fit, then judge for yourself!
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Fixtures and Jigs
Precision Manufacturing
Exact fit and finish

The All New Helix Chassis:

Our newest Chassis has some very distinctive features! The function is very hard to explain to anyone but an engineer, but the results on
the track does the explaining for us!

The Helix is also available in a Jr. and Sr. Champ version!

Adjustable Caster / Camber with optional caster blocks.

Fully adjustable seat and steering wheel mounting positions.

Quick release rear axle assembly, adjustable spindles.

Fully adjustable nerf bar and mounts.

Adjustable left rear chassis to seat bar support.

The all new Helix Racing Chassis!

Helix Chassis a closer look:
All New Helix Chassis detail photos
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Chassis Setup Sheets
Helix Setup Sheet

Epic Setup Sheet

XXX Setup Sheet

Precision Products for the Helix:
Products to go with the all New Helix Chassis
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Rear Hub
Seat Slides
Adjustable Caster Blocks
Tilt Wheel
Quick Release Axle
Steering Lock

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